JSP is a webpage scripting language that can generate dynamic content.

Servlets are Java programs that are already compiled which also creates dynamic web content.


JSP run slower compared to Servlet as it takes compilation time to convert into Java Servlets.

Servlets run faster compared to JSP.

Easy to Code

It’s easier to code in JSP than in Java Servlets.

Its little much code to write here.

Use in MVC

In MVC, jsp act as a view.

In MVC, servlet act as a controller.

Processing of data

JSP are generally preferred when there is not much processing of data required.

servlets are best for use when there is more processing and manipulation involved.

Build Custom tags

The advantage of JSP programming over servlets is that we can build custom tags which can directly call Java beans.

There is no such custom tag facility in servlets.

Functionality in JSP

We can achieve functionality of JSP at client side by running JavaScript at client side.

There are no such methods for servlets.

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