It means having methods of the same class under the same name, but each method has different parameters or has same parameters with different types and order.

It means having a sub class with same methods under same name and exactly the same type of parameters and the same return type as a super class.


Overloading is a compile time polymorphism.

Overriding is a run time polymorphism.

Static method

The static method can be overloaded.

The static method cannot be overridden.


Overloading may or may not require inheritance.

Overriding always requires inheritance.


Overloading is faster than overriding.

Overriding is slow as compared to overloading.


In Overloading methods have different signature.

In Overriding methods must have same signature.


Overloading does not require more than one class for overloading.

Overriding requires at-least two classes for overriding.


Java Method Overloading example

Java Method Overriding example

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