Given a string containing only three types of characters: ‘(‘, ‘)’ and ‘*’, write a function to check whether this string is valid. We define the validity of a string by these rules:

  1. Any left parenthesis ‘(‘ must have a corresponding right parenthesis ‘)’.
  2. Any right parenthesis ‘)’ must have a corresponding left parenthesis ‘(‘.
  3. Left parenthesis ‘(‘ must go before the corresponding right parenthesis ‘)’.
  4. ‘*’ could be treated as a single right parenthesis ‘)’ or a single left parenthesis ‘(‘ or an empty string.
  5. An empty string is also valid.

Example 1:

Input: “()” Output: True

Example 2:

Input: “(*)” Output: True

Example 3:

Input: “(*))” Output: True


  1. The string size will be in the range [1, 100].


true true true

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